Revealed: First look at new M1 Exit at Oxenford

WORK will begin on upgrading the notorious M1 interchange at Oxenford before the end of the year, it has been revealed.

The State Government unveiled its initial design for the new look, $25 million upgrade of Exit 57 on Wednesday.

Additional turning lanes will be added to both south and northbound exits for motorists turning onto Tamborine-Oxenford and Hope Island roads in a bid to ease congestion, reduce ramping, and improve travel flow.


Motorists will, however, be unable to turn right onto the motorway from the Old Pacific Highway in Oxenford, with the right turning lanes set to be removed.

Member for Gaven Meaghan Scanlon said construction will start on upgrading the ‘busy and complex’ interchange by the end of the year.

“The design give motorists and residents their first opportunity to get a sense of what the upgrade of Exit 57 might look like and how it could operate,” Ms Scanlon said.

“With its proximity to shopping, services and the Gold Coast’s fastest growing residential areas, Exit 57 at Oxenford is a complex and busy interchange.

“High volumes of east and westbound traffic have been given careful consideration in the initial design plan, as has improving traffic flow and of course road safety.”

(Source: Supplied/Queensland Government)

Ms Scanlon said early estimates suggested the project will support an average of 75 direct jobs.

Solar panels at the interchange will be removed temporarily to give workers access to the construction site but will be returned once construction of the upgrade is completed.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the tender to deliver a detailed, preferred design had been awarded to GHD.

‘‘Exit 57’s final design, with others including Yatala, Ormeau and Pimpama, is crucial to reducing congestion and improving the safety and efficiency of the M1,” Mr Bailey said.

As the detailed design progresses, specific project inclusions will be decided based on their potential to increase capacity and safety.

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How does paint a few lines cost $25 million. How about building and interchange that flows with no stops, no traffic lights or roundabouts. It’s pretty simple, stopping and starting creates traffic jams. A single lane over pass would let more traffic flow than 3 lane traffic light.

Are you serious??? How is “no right turn into Tamborine Oxenford Road from Old Pacific Highway” going to help. As if the Oxenford area around Woolworths/McDonalds/Bunnings isn’t bad enough, this will make it a WHOLE lot worse. This may improve the intersection itself, but the rest of the Oxenford business district will suffer because people just won’t be able to get in and out of the area. Go down there on a Saturday morning and see what it’s like now and imagine what it will be like when people have to access this area to get to the M1. The most ridiculous thing I have heard of in recent times.

Living at Pimpama and going to our closest Bunnings at Oxenford, I turn right at the proposed deletion of the lane turning right to get back on the M1. The alternative is to drive around the block behind Bunnings, which can be a traffic jam nightmare at the roundabout behind Kmart. There must be a better solution.

Seriously? The single lane that turns left from Heathwood drive onto the M1 north has no upgrade? Really really dumb! The people that designed this upgrade obviously dont drive this intersection!
All the residents got very excited a year ago when we noticed that the Ox pub on the Heathwood rd corner, started work in their car-park. We all thought that there was going to be a free-turn lane leading onto the M1 north, thereby un-jamming the intersection and letting traffic flow a lot easier.But No, it turned out to be a solar panel installation!

It’s an absolute JOKE! and yet again more of OUR money the ridiculous government are wasting. This will cause problems to our work worse then it already has when you put the useless island in front of 7/11. It isnt the Roads, Its the timing of the traffic lights for starters, Turning right onto the highway is not the problem nor turning onto tambourine oxenford road. You need to create another lane on Heathwood drive because the one lane is whats causing most the issues. You think it will help but you’re creating more havoc yet again and wasting money. Re think your situation mate

Yup, totally agree (see my comment above) You can tell that these idiots dont use this intersection -AT ALL!

This is going backward, no right turn into Tamborine Mt Rd… the people designing this clearly have no idea of the traffic flow and congestion especially in the mornings and afternoons with school traffic….. $25 million…. r these the same guys that commissioned the GC lamps on the motorway…. absolutely ridiculous !!!