REVEALED: Location of new Gold Coast train station

The State Government has today revealed the location of a brand new Gold Coast train station.

Minister for Tourism Industry Development Kate Jones told myGC that the new station will be built on the Old Pacific Highway at Pimpama, just south of the new shopping centre.

“We have been listening to the Gold Coast community and we are very excited to announce we have chosen the location of the new Pimpama train station,” the Minister said.


The Pimpama train station is the first of three new stations that will be built on the northern Gold Coast as part of the $5.4 billion Cross-River Rail project.

Exact locations are yet to be revealed, but the other two stations will be built at Helensvale North (Hope Island) and Merrimac/Worongary.

“The Pimpama station is the first of three brand new stations that will be built on the Gold Coast to cut Gold Coast commuter times,” Minister Jones said.

It’s understood the project will allow trains to leave every 5 minutes during the morning peak hour.

“It will provide a turn-up-and-go service for Gold Coast commuters travelling from the Gold Coast to Brisbane in the mornings,” the Minister told myGC.

“The Coast is one of the fastest growing cities in the country and that is why it is so critical that we do build new train infrastructure here.

Assistant Tourism Industry Development Minister and Member for Gaven Meaghan Scanlon said passengers on the Gold Coast line had grown by more than five per cent for the past five years, with over 5.8 million trips in the past 12 months.

“This is a great win for Gold Coasters. Through Cross River Rail, we’re creating an extra 3150 seats. This means trains to Brisbane will leave as regularly as every five minutes during the morning peak period,” she said.

The three new northern Gold Coast stations are expected to be completed by 2024, with community consultation for the Pimpama design set to begin next month.

“Next month a period of public consultation will begin to get the community’s feedback on the proposed concept station design,” Ms Scanlan said.

“We want to hear from Gold Coasters about what they want to see at these stations.”

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Seems a bit pointless when it takes so long already to get to Brisbane, 90 min from Varsity is a joke

Well drive then

anything beats driving in peak hr traffic on the motorway…

Please set up enough parking spaces as it all runs out very quickly in the morning! What is the point of a station if the parking facility doesn’t suffice.

Great thought.. hopefully it shud be strongly put up during the discussion

i wonder if people would pay to park if they built a two storey car park?

QUOTE: “The Pimpama station is the first of three brand new stations that will be built on the Gold Coast to cut Gold Coast commuter times,” Minister Jones said.”
If they are adding 3 new GC stations, are they going to remove 3 stations (Beenleigh, Loganlea, and Altandi), to ensure that there will be no additional travel time to commuters travelling from as far south as Varsity Lakes. These 3 stations are already included on the Beenleigh services, so really should not be part of the Gold Coast EXPRESS service anyway.
QUOTE “It’s understood the project will allow trains to leave every 5 minutes during the morning peak hour”.
Additional stations do not allow for trains to leave every 5 minutes, EXTRA TRAINS allow for this! Have these been ordered for production to ensure that they are ready for the new stations, or are we to suffer with cancelled services, as we have done in the past when we had to compensate for a new train line with no rolling stock to service the new line.
Minister for Tourism Industry Development Kate Jones and Member for Gaven Meaghan Scanlon both need to be more knowledgeable about exactly how this will affect GC commuters before making brushstroke statements without all the facts on hand.

Try driving across Sydney 3 Suburbs… 2.5hrs drive (EACH WAY)

PLLLEEEAAASSSEEE have a big car park like Helensvale

“We want to hear from Gold Coasters about what they want to see at these stations.” Obviously trains and the faster the better. They are far too slow at the moment.

We don’t have enough drivers /guards I know the solution let’s add more stops to an already long journey

or you could look at it and say yay, their will be less people parking (or trying to )and using coomera and ormeau stations?

This is great news ! These areas are only going to get more populated which will put more pressure on the M1. Hopefully they will have fast rail on that line which would make it even better.

Well said… sounds like you get it

Simple ….so for rush hour schedule an A train and a B train that mis alternating stops.

You would have 10 minutes between trains, but the entire trip would become (at least) 15 minutes faster.

What is goinging to happen to all the railway crossing on the line to Brisbane. There will be more delays and intersections blocked because of the number of cars trying to get across the tracks. Are they going to up grade all these crossings.

It would be great if the trip didn’t cost my kids – 17 and 18 $11 each way… how is anyone supposed to live after getting to work in Brisbane costs that much ???

Doesn’t matter where the stations are – travel to Brisbane is stupidly expensive – how can anyone afford $70 per week to go to work in Brisbane – my 17 and 18 kids don’t even get it cheaper, explain to me if the coast has no work how they are supposed to afford travelling to work in Brisbane ??

true… train travel in the south east isn’t cheap anywhere. I do wonder though why local council and qld government don’t have more solar panels on their government buildings and assets. Maybe then they could feed some of the electricity generated savings back into the train grid..

Should be a station at Yatala where all the heavy industry is

yes, i do find it strange they don’t have one planned, considering in the gold coast draught plan , Tom tate said this area would be one of the key employment nodes for the gold coast , with a major expansion planned.

great comment, you should be an infrastructure planner for qld gov…

I agree not enough parking space at some stations……Short of space why not build multi story.
The old railway line went as far as Coolangatta so if the corridor is still there it should be extended to Coolangatta ASAP

yes, you wonder what grand visionaries decided to close the old rallway line back then.