REVEALED: One-in-two Qld adults intend to skip the flu shot this year

It’s been revealed one-in-two Queensland adults do not plan to vaccinate against flu this year despite last year’s record flu season.

New research released today by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia shows 54 per cent of Queensland adults mistakenly consider themselves to be at low risk of contracting the flu, despite there having already been 2,918 reported flu cases in Queensland to date this year.

The Guild National President, George Tambassis, Melbourne says adults are generally misinformed about the seriousness of the flu and its highly infectious nature.


“Most adults don’t realise how infectious the flu is, with 75 per cent of Queensland respondents unaware the flu virus can remain active when airborne for 45 minutes or more,” he said.

“The flu virus can affect anyone, even the fit and healthy, so your best defence against the flu is vaccination.”

Each year, approximately 18,000 Australians are hospitalised due to influenza, with more than 249,000 reported infections nation-wide just last year.

President of Pharmacy Guild of Australia QLD Branch, Trent Twomey, said older Australians, pregnant women, infants, people with existing medical conditions and Indigenous Australians are most at risk of serious illness from the flu.