REVEALED: Qld parents failing to buckle up the kids

The State’s peak motoring body has expressed its shock at the high number of Queensland parents failing to restrain their children in cars.

Figures released to RACQ by the Department of Transport and Main Roads revealed in the first four months of this year more than 750 parents were fined for having a child unrestrained.

The largest concentration of fines was in the Ipswich, Far North Queensland and Townsville regions, with 119 infringements handed out in the Ipswich area alone.


Ms Ritchie said what was most frightening was almost five percent of the child seat infringements were for people failing to restrain children under six months of age.

“Child restraints save lives, and failing to protect the most vulnerable of passengers is appalling,” Ms Ritchie said.

“These fines have been handed out to parents who have either incorrectly installed child restraints, they’ve installed the wrong child restraint for their child’s age or they haven’t had the child restrained at all.

“We’re concerned the number of offences could actually be a lot higher due to this being a very difficult law for the police to enforce.

“It’s time parents woke up and realised they have a responsibility to keep their child safe while in the car.”

Ms Ritchie said parents not only risked serious injury and death to their children but they also risked a $353 fine and three demerit points.

“If you’re in doubt about whether your child restraint meets the legal requirements or is installed correctly then you can always have it checked by professionals,” she said.