REVEALED: The Qld road rules you never knew even existed

Queensland motorists are being urged to brush up on their road rules after RACQ revealed a list of obscure laws that have caught out drivers.

New data collected by Queensland Police revealed more than 400 Queensland motorists had been fined for having an arm or leg outside of a vehicle.

It also revealed 170 drivers had been fined for having an animal on their lap, and 113 pedestrians had obstructed a vehicle during a 12-month period.


RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said it was a timely reminder to motorists who mistakenly believed police didn’t monitor minor breaches of the law.

“Obviously, there are many motorists copping fines for breaking rules they may not be aware of,” Ms Ritchie said.

“These road rules may seem insignificant to some but they’re in place to keep all road users safe.”

Ms Ritchie said warning devices had also caused confusion, with 66 cyclists issued an infringement notice for riding a bike without a bell and 52 drivers received a fine for improperly honking their horn.

“While it might seem friendly to beep your horn to say hello or goodbye, you legally can only use your horn to ‘warn’ others,” she said.

Ms Ritchie said while it should be obvious a cyclist should not carry others on a bicycle, six people were caught out.

“Ignorance of road rules isn’t a valid excuse so we urge everyone to refresh their knowledge, whether they’re a cyclist, a pedestrian, a driver or a passenger.”

Number of drivers fined for breaking lesser-known road rules in Queensland*:

  1. Failure to keep body part/s inside the vehicle – 405 infringements issued
  2. Motorist driving with a person or animal on lap – 170 infringements issued
  3. Pedestrian moved into the path of a driver or obstructed a driver or another pedestrian – 113 infringements issued
  4. Ride bicycle/powered wheel device without brakes or warning bell – 66 infringements issued
  5. Failure to use a horn/bell or use other than permitted – 52 infringements issued.

*Data collected by Queensland Police between 1 November 2016–31 October 2017.