REVEALED: Just who really owns Queensland and how much do they own?

A REPORT tabled in Queensland Parliament has revealed just how much of the sunshine state is actually owned by a foreign country.

The Annual Report on the Foreign Ownership of Land Register Act 1988 (Qld) was tabled in Parliament on Friday and lists the total land owned by foreigners in the state, according to the state’s Registrar of Titles.

Queensland is the only Australian state or territory that produces a report on foreign ownership.


It shows that around 1-in-every-20 square kilometres of land in Queensland is owned by 140 different countries.

That is around 10,587,840 hectares or six per cent of the state.

The top three nations to own a slice of paradise are the United Kingdom with 2,217,900 hectares (2.2%), followed by the Netherlands with 1,892,760 hectares (1.09%) and then China with 1,360,200 hectares (0.92%).

The value of the land owned by China, however, tops the list at $1.4 billion.

The amount of land in Queensland owned by the Netherlands and China has skyrocketed in the last three years.

In 2015, the Netherlands owned just 293,990 hectares, while China had its name on just 237,490 hectares.

The report also showed 8,736 land parcels on the Gold Coast had some level of foreign ownership, more than any other local government area in Queensland, including Brisbane City.

It was also revealed foreign interests invested more than $4.28 billion in Queensland property in the last 12 months, an increase of over $0.4 billion from the previous year.

You can view the full report on the Queensland Parliament website.