REVEALED: The brands Aussies trusted the most during virus pandemic

Bunnings Warehouse has done it again.

Even without a good sausage sizzle, the iconic hardware store has continued to win the hearts of Aussies and has been crowned the most trusted brand in Australia.

Market research company Roy Morgan has announced the top 10 brands Aussies trusted the most during the height of the coronavirus pandemic in April.


Supermarket giant Woolworths came in at second place, while Qantas surprisingly came in third despite the company being forced to stand down thousands of staff.

“It’s only a few weeks since we were in lockdown and desperately trying to get to the supermarkets for essentials. And despite accusations of price gouging, delivery problems, and supply chain failures Woolworths rode the storm best and came out really trusted by Australians,” Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine said.

“Woolworths was on the front foot from the outset and that appears to have resonated with Australians.

“This is also a great result for Bunnings. Australian’s just love it – even when they can’t have a sausage sizzle. Bunnings keeps innovating and creating new connections with its customers. It’s a global retail case study,” she said.

However it was Commonwealth Bank that was the big mover, with the company entering the top-10 most trusted brands for the first time since the Financial Services Royal Commission.

“Qantas and the CBA are the standout performers… Qantas was frequently in the media flying stranded Australians home from across the globe throughout the pandemic lockdown,” Ms Levine said.

“And in early March Matt Comyn, CEO of the CBA, moved quickly to offer financially stressed customers loan payment relief. He had a high profile during the lockdown and that has paid dividends for the CBA’s level of trust.”

The retail sector emerged as Australia’s most trusted industry, with the supermarket sector 2nd and consumer products 3rd.

On the flipside, Facebook and AMP were revealed as the most distrusted brands in Australia during April.

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Australia post a most trusted brand in 7th. That is the funniest thing I’ve seen. Does anyone actually trust banks or you just have to be with one in an ever growing cashless society.

Did you still get mail delivered Gav?

Try send a parcel with them.

I have sent a parcel with them recently, 3 in fact. They were a little delayed yes, but they eventually got there in the end. Be happy you can still send something and receive your mail you precious and entitled fool. Some countries around the world couldn’t.

Pfft. Sounds like my comment made you really angry. A little delayed and they are still your 7th most trusted brands. That’s funny. Probably havnt had a deadline in your life. There’s even a Facebook page full of Aussie post stuff ups.

Haha nah your initial post makes you look like the angry princess here lol your little rant makes you look precious and entitled. I think you should open your eyes and be thankful you can still send and receive mail during a global pandemic, but that’s to hard for millennials like you who are brought up with a “Me! Me!” attitude.

Learn to look at the bigger picture and try to understand that the world and every service is not perfect, its not just made for you. It’s not all about you. If you want to send a parcel so bad and ensure it gets there, get in your car and drive it there yourself or you can pay to use a postal service and know that’d it’d be backed up with delays due to a pandemic. Pull your head out.

Does sound like my couple of words make you angry. Typical keyboard warrior. Just have to try and insult someone with a different view. Lol.

Lol Gav, your “view” comes off as extremely entitled and precious because you’re claiming the service is a joke, yet you know full well the situation our country (and the world) has been facing these last few months, yet you slam a service that is still doing its best to keep your mail and parcels (and the rest of the world’s) going despite the many impacts it has having to deal with – so instead of slamming a service, try and find out the reason it has upset you and understand that it wouldn’t be doing it to you on purpose or to hurt your feelings.

You say I’m an insulting keyboard warrior, who is angry at your post – on the contrary, Gav, I’m not angry at your post at all. I’m just simply responding to your poor attitude and just because you don’t like what I’m challenging you on, you claim I’m being insulting lol. Facts don’t care about your feelings, champ.

So I reiterate. If you need to meet your precious deadline, be responsible and do your own research and in that research you’ll see that AusPost is extremely swamped, it’s all over their website, they don’t deny it and they apologise for any delays due to the impacts of a global pandemic – And after that research you still have the option to get into your car and deliver your parcels yourself because nobody is forcing you to use the service. Grow up, bud, and be thankful, that’s all I’m saying.


I didn’t say anything about how australia post is during the recent pandemic. Or do you think they are the 7th most trusted brand ONLY during the pandemic because you keep getting your power bill in the letterbox If you saw one of the Australia post complaint Facebook sight you will see australia post has been the shambles for a few years.

I’ve had my fair share of issues just like other people, I’m sure. But when has any service been perfect 100% of the time? As a person are you perfect? What company as big as AusPost or Telstra etc can you honestly say has been perfect 100% of the time since they were established? With absolutely ZERO fault or mistake small or big?

Perhaps you should start looking at the size of the population using their service? The population is forever growing and it’s not just having to cater for Australian citizens, their service used by people all over the world for when they send stuff here. Stop thinking it’s all about you and how you’re put out if something that isn’t perfect doesn’t go your way, and be grateful it’s a service that can be provided to you. Again, Gav, it’s not all about you.

Stop making yourself look foolish here, just admit you were being precious and that you’ll start looking at the bigger picture and understand that no service is perfect, pandemic or not. Be thankful the service is there for you. If not, don’t use it, get in your car. Don’t slam the service because it’s failed you on a few occasions because I can almost guarantee the service has worked for you more often than it’s failed you in however many years your fine self has been walking earth.

Bigger picture, Gav. Don’t be one those precious and entitled fools who cry “Me! Me! Me!”