REVEALED: The ‘shonkiest’ products of 2018 have been named and shamed

Australia’s shonkiest products of 2018 have been revealed in the 13th annual CHOICE Shonky Awards… and some of them might shock you!

A toaster that doesn’t even toast, portacots that pose a serious suffocation risk to babies, and the Commonwealth Bank’s decades old school banking program Dollarmites are just three of seven products and services that have earned themselves a lemon gong this year.

Consumer group Choice holds the mock awards every year to oust the “shonkiest products and companies taking advantage of Australian consumers.”


Surprisingly, a $189 toaster from Kitchen Aid made the list, with Choice claiming the “glamorous gadget” doesn’t even make toast.

“All it served up was dry, slightly warm bread,” the consumer group said.

They also issued a very serious warning to parents about the dangers of portacots, stating “nearly all of them failed multiple safety tests, including creating a suffocation risk, tip hazard and head entrapment.”

Below is a full list of the seven products/services dubbed the shonkiest of 2018:

Marriott Timeshare – for trapping holiday-makers into a bad deal for a lifetime.

Commonwealth Bank Dollarmites – for a relentless marketing program targeted at young minds.

Portacots – for putting infant lives at risk.

Magnet Therapy – for using weak health claims to pull on hip pockets.

Bioglan homeopathic melatonin – for trickery that leaves people sleepless.

KitchenAid 2-Slice toaster – for miserably failing its only job.

Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Smash – Shonky for putting the squeeze on good health.