REVEALED: There’s actually a reason companies make chip packets so noisy

The secret is out, there’s actually a specific reason why companies make chip packets so darn noisy.

Everyone knows the feeling – you go to sneak a chip but get sprung because it’s almost impossible to avoid the loud rustle of the packet.

Well, according to scientists, the packets are made that way on purpose.


The Sun reports that Charles Spence, a professor of experimental psychology at Oxford University, did a “sonic taste” experiment which proved the theory that chips actually taste crunchier when you hear the rustle of the packet.

In the experiment, Prof Spence got a group of people to wear headphones while eating the chips so that they couldn’t hear anything. The result? Most of them reported the chips tasting stale and ‘more spongy’.

According to Prof Spence, “The sound of the food matters. The sound of the packaging matters and atmospheric sounds matter.”