REVEALED: Uber driver who assaulted woman was previously dismissed by Gold Coast Cabs

THE Uber driver accused of seriously assaulting a Gold Coast woman was previously dismissed by Gold Coast Cabs for behaviour-related issues, it has been revealed.

The driver known only as “Paul” allegedly dragged Gold Coast woman Sascha Pangallo, 24, out from his vehicle after he got aggressive because Ms Pangallo was on the phone when he was asking for directions.

It’s alleged Ms Pangallo’s leg was then run over by the Uber driver as he sped off.


Gold Coast cabs have released a statement, saying they are also aware of other drivers that have been dismissed by Gold Coast Cabs for safety related and behavioural issues, who are now driving for uber.

The Uber driver has since been removed from the service, however Gold Coast Cabs continues to call on the State Government to act decisively to stop the service.