REVEALED: Weapons seized, charges laid during Gold Coast wanding trial

Senior Police are hailing the success of a wanding trial on the Gold Coast with more than 90 weapons seized and more than 200 people charged since the operation began last May.

The trial has been taking place in the safe-night precincts in Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach.

It was originally only operating on weekends but has now been expanded to run 24-7.


A total of 5325 people have been wanded since the beginning of the trial including more than 1000 in the last month alone.

Officers have recovered 93 weapons during the trial, charging 235 people with 317 offences including around 70 weapons charges.

Acting Chief Superintendent Rhys Wildman says there has been a wide range of weapons seized.

“Anything from knuckle dusters to knives, replica firearms and just overnight our staff actually picked up somebody with an ornamental letter opener,” Acting Chief Superintendent Wildman told the ABC.

“It’s really important for the community to remember that you need a lawful reason for carrying an edged weapon out in public. No matter what it is it can be used to inflict serious injuries on people.”

The 12-month trial was announced as part of an overhaul of juvenile crime laws and in response to an increase in knife-related crime.

Acting Chief Superintendent Wildman says officers can randomly stop anyone to be wanded.

“But we do use intelligence around different locations. Obviously people coming off the tram stops, some of our high visibility areas such as Cavill Ave and Orchid Ave but it’s really important we do the wanding in some of our parks and back streets in those locations too.

“It’s all about providing that safe environment for our community which is just outstanding.”