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REVEALED: Why your phone always lands screen down (and smashes)

Everyone knows the feeling – there’s nothing more painful than watching your smartphone fall out of your hands and tumble to the ground, only to turn it over and discover it has smashed to pieces.

But have you ever wondered why… just why your phone always tends to land screen down? A physicist believes he has solved the question, and no – it’s not due to just pure bad luck.

A theory developed by physicist and Aston University visiting professor, Robert Matthews, explains that if the phone is held loosely in one hand with the user’s fingers below the phone’s centre of gravity, which often occurs when texting one handed, this makes the phone more likely to pivot around the fingers.


As it leaves the hand it spins at a rate dictated by a variety of forces including gravity, the angle it is being held at, the size of the phone and the height at which it is dropped from.

Surprisingly, the material the phone is made from can also play a role – the smoother it is, the more likely it will break contact with the fingers before it achieves a spin rate that will ensure it lands screen side up.

So there you have it – no wonder a smartphone screen smashes every 2 seconds somewhere in the world.

Photo: Motorola

Photo: Motorola