Review of Bonita Bonita – Mermaid Beach

Last Friday I went out on a girl’s night. After weeks of scheduling and juggling babysitters, bedtime schedules and partners myself and two friends managed to get together for a meal and a dance. So where did we go? Bonita Bonita, located just off the Gold Coast Highway in Mermaid Beach.


Unfortunately, this venue was quite dimly lit so apologies for the photo’s. The menu’s exciting and sexy as is the funky decor and artwork that adorn the walls. Think Mexican festival of the dead! We ordered from the $35 share plate menu which is exceptional value for money and gives you a nice sample of a range of dishes. To wet our appetites, we were served freshly baked crispy corn chips and guacamole followed by char grilled corn with coriander mayo. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t eat the corn without making a mess and needing more than a handful of toothpicks. Worth it but be warned…not a date night dish!



Next was a decent sized bowl of crispy spiced chicken wings and spicy mayo which even I wolfed down.


Then a black bean and wild rice salad and a tostada served with torn chicken and corn.


And lastly, as if we had any room left by this point, a serving of selected tacos with fillings of pork belly, calamari, prawn or chicken.


As soon as we finished our sangria, we bundled ourselves into a cab and headed to the casino for some old school dancing. We arrived at the Atrium bar (formerly known as the Cougar Den in some circles) and ordered a fresh round of cocktails. Th Atrium Bar always has a good mix of people with several DJ’s playing a wide range of music until 3 am. And it wasn’t long before we were dancing our kid free night away on the dance floor.

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