Rewards on offer for Qantas customers who get vaccinated

The Qantas boss has indicated that non-vaccinated Australians won’t be allowed to fly on planes in the future, as part of the airline’s push to get jabs into arms.

Their offering vouchers or bonus points to people who upload their vaccine certificates to the Qantas app from tomorrow.

Those who do so will also go in the draw to win unlimited travel for a year.


It’s hoped the incentives will help Australia reach the 70 per cent vaccination rate as soon as possible so that domestic travel can get back to some sort of normal.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has told The Today Show this morning that those who don’t want to get the vaccine will eventually be left behind.

“If you have exemptions, medical reasons why you can’t get the vaccine – we’ll accommodate that,” Mr Joyce said.

“But for the rest of the people that decide not to take it, I think that the aviation industry is not for them.

He’s back in the call saying that the airline has a ‘duty of obligation’ to their employees. 

“To protect our employees at work, to protect our passengers when they’re travelling. We know that they’re travelling.

“We know that the vaccine gives you unbelievable protection against COVID-19. Why wouldn’t you take that protection?” Mr Joyce said.

To enter the draw to win unlimited travel, Aussies are being asked to download the Qantas app tomorrow and upload their vaccination certificate.

“We delete it after once we’ve checked it,” Mr Joyce said. 

“You can get $20 voucher, a thousand frequent flyers, it’s just for going through that process.

“We hope that many, many people will take us up on this offer,” he said.

While entrants will also go into the draw to win unlimited travel for a year, which includes accommodation from Accor and BP fuel vouchers as well.