Rhino takes a stroll down town

SHOCK as rhino nicknamed Hulk is taken out for walkies down a street.

It’s a sight that sparked panic among locals in this German town of Luckenwalde.

But the nearby circus insisted it was merely taking its rhino for a walk.


Hulk, who weighs a whopping 2.5 tonnes, was spotted casually strolling over a zebra crossing.

Shocked witnesses immediately contacted emergency services.

Police spokesman Marcus Braun said: ‘The circus staff were given a stiff talking to by the officers, and warned that it was not allowed to take rhinos onto the streets.’

The circus said it didn’t understand the fuss over the 34-year-old rhino being allowed to get some fresh air, and added that Hulk was completely tame and unlikely to harm anyone.

Three-years-ago Hulk sparked a similar alert after escaping from the circus while he was performing.

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