Ricciardo feeling positive ahead of Monaco GP

Australian Formula One competitor Danial Ricciardo is feeling positive ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix.

He has commented on Renault’s upgraded power unit, saying he hopes it will be ready for the event in Monaco, starting next week.

The Red Bull driver gave the upgraded Renault engine a test run in Barcelona.


Ricciardo was sixth on the time sheets, more than a second behind Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel.

He told Motorsport.com “I think so far we are pretty happy with how it is all looking”.

“The progress is definitely there. Now to make that next step, that is the last little step we are after to try to really get on Mercedes. But we are getting closer. That is exciting.

“Monaco will be our best chance yet [to win]. We had a good chance at the weekend – but for pure speed, Monaco should be interesting.”

Renault plans to have the upgrade racing for the following GP in Montreal but Ricciardo wants that brought forward to Monaco.

The Monaco GP takes competitors from Casino Square to a world famous hairpin, through the tunnel and past some large yachts.

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