Richie and his new love break their silence after controversial Bachelor finale

The Bachelor Australia season four came to a controversial end last night, with Richie Strahan confessing his love for single mum Alexandra Nation.

In what many have described as the most dramatic season finale of The Bachelor ever, the 31-year-old rope access technician shocked viewers of the reality TV show by declaring his love for Alex over fan favourite Nikki Gogan.


“Alex, all I want is someone who’s going to be my equal, someone who’s going to run with me, someone who’s going to push and challenge me and you are that and more,” Richie told the 25-year-old from Melbourne.

“I have thought about you. I have thought about Elijah, and I thought, ‘Am I man enough to take on that responsibility?’ And I really feel I am.”

“Coming down this adventure, I was told to follow my heart and following my heart has lead me to you, Alex. I love you.”

Life with Richie looks picture perfect for Alex. #TheBachelorAU

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Social media instantly erupted.

“You know what Rich, I honestly don’t think you’re cool bananas anymore,” one viewer tweeted.

“Absolutely shocked at Richie’s decision tonight. I watched this show the whole way through and I was so sure Nikki was going to win,” wrote another.

Despite the comments, the loved-up couple released a short video on the official Bachelor Australia Facebook page thanking fans for their support.