Ride operator tried desperately to stop Dreamworld tragedy

A senior ride operator has told the inquest into the Dreamworld tragedy he pressed a button multiple times as he attempted to stop the Thunder River Rapid Ride’s rafts from getting stuck.

The button he pressed stopped the conveyor belt over an eight second period, but this did not stop the collision of two rafts which resulted in the death of Kate Goodchild, her brother Luke Dorsett, his partner Roozi Araghi and Cindy Low.

Mr Nemeth also revealed earlier that day a colleague had told him there were some mechanical problems with the Thunder River Rapids Ride that day.


The rider operator had a conversation with a co-worker about how the water pumps were malfunctioning and if there was another problem they would have to shut down the ride for the day.

Mr Nemeth is the third person to give evidence at the Coronial Inquest, following details from two police officers who led the investigation into the tragedy.

Earlier today, Forensic Crash Investigator Steven Cornish explained there were multiple buttons which could be used to stop the ride.

One of these buttons would stop the ride within eight seconds.

Another, called the E-Button would stop the ride in two seconds.

Police have explained that the emergency stop button would not have prevented the tragedy, but may have limited the injuries.

Throughout their investigations officers also found that the Thunder River Rapids Ride had been checked multiple times on the day of the accident October 25, 2016.

These reports indicated there was nothing wrong with the ride that day.