Ride-sharing services now legal in Queensland

From Monday, ride-sharing services such as Uber will be legalised in Queensland.

But taxis will continue to have exclusive access to hail and rank markets.

Transport Minister Stirling Hinchliffe said it would transform the way we get from A to B.


“It’s a significant day for reform in personalised transport, personalised transport has been highly regulated in the state for many many years and this is a big change” he said.

Uber drivers will also be allowed to collect passengers from Brisbane Airport.

A dedicated “Uber zone” has been created for the rideshare service according to news.com.au.

Brisbane Airport Corporation and Uber decided together that drivers will be able to use an area close to the domestic and international terminals to collect fares.

They will also pay less than taxis.  Taxi drivers pay a $3.60 exit fee at the airport, the fee for Uber drivers will be $3 because their “zone” is a bit further away than the taxi rank.

Alan Dacre has been driving for Uber on the Gold Coast for a year and said the move had lifted a weight off his shoulders “as of yesterday we were being fined $2500 for picking up people and dropping them to their destination safely, so it was never any good for anyone so I’m very happy that finally the legislation has come through”.

Mr Dacre also said many of his passengers had no idea ride-sharing services were illegal “when it was pointed out that it was illegal they were more horrified more than anything, they couldn’t understand why it would be illegal, so now that the legislation’s in place I’m sure everyone will be able to get on with their lives and there’s enough money to be made by everyone otherwise Uber wouldn’t be here if people didn’t like these platforms”.

He added “it’s been operating overseas in more than 60 countries now for a very long time so they’ve got their model right and their platform right and effectively a lot of the taxi industry feels like they’ve undercut them, but at the end of the day they were paying far too much money to become a taxi driver to start with, to own a vehicle or anything like that, it was a monopoly that basically was going to burst at some stage”.