Rio runs its own race in lead up to Disastolympics

With the opening of the 2016 Olympics just weeks away, you would think a country would get itself together by now, right?

The Olympics, a.k.a the family reunion of the globe, is one of the few events where all nations come together to celebrate unity and strength within the human race.

Yet Brazil shows up to her own event at her own pace. Rio de Janeiro is a city that is completely unready to host an afternoon tea soiree, let alone the world’s biggest sporting event!


With banners being displayed by the police alerting tourists of how unsafe the country is, it is clear to see that the Rio Olympics are set for disaster.

The police protest has been widely reported after rumours began swirling about unfair conditions for police officers working within Rio.

They’ve had to deal with resource shortages (including an insufficient supply of toilet paper, water and office supplies) along with late pay-cheques, and now these public servants have had enough.

It’s gotten so bad that in some offices, police officers couldn’t even file police reports because they had no paper!

With tensions running high, it’s little surprise that a number of police, all clad in black t-shirts, denounced the Olympics and fought for their rights.

For Brazilian event planners, it’s another bump in a long and bumpy road towards the Olympics.

With the zika virus posing massive health threats, a dead body washing up ashore near an official event location, these police protests and widespread civil unrest, how could this event proceed to be anything other than catastrophic?

It’s a good thing that Olympic Games event itself isn’t up for any medals, because in a competition with only one competitor, Rio would still come last.

It would actually be laughable, were it not so dangerous. Women are risking the health of their future children simply by attending the Games, and all people are at risk of not being safe or protected by the local police force.

When all of this is met with members of the police and fire department urging people not to step foot within Rio, it’s ridiculous to even think this is still going ahead.

Honestly, you’d be mad to go – let’s just hope that our Australian athletes survive the Games unscathed.