Road rules? What Road rules?

SOMEONE has to say it: Gold Coast drivers are crap.

And this is why we can’t have nice things.

The $1.2 billion Gold Coast light rail isn’t even open for business yet and we have broken two of them already.


How do you not see a great big yellow tram?

Two accidents in less than a month, both the fault of car drivers doing illegal U-turns and for their stupidity fined just $88 for all the damage and trouble they caused.

One news report said the accidents heightened safety concerns around the light rail system which has had a sometimes controversial history.

No they didn’t. They highlighted just how completely crap Gold Coast drivers are.

By sheer coincidence a report was released the day of the most recent accident ‘revealing’ that not only are Gold Coast drivers crap, they know they are crap.

The Suncorp Insurance State of Courtesy report found as well as being rude, the top five bad behaviours of Gold Coast drivers were also illegal.

They can add a sixth now – smashing into trams.

On the Gold Coast indicating is optional, letting others merge is for wusses, driving slowly in the fast lane and tailgating those in the slow lane is part of training for the Gold Coast 600 and frequently changing lanes is a great way to dry your hair.

More than 90 per cent of respondents had experienced all of the above which would suggest some of them were also doing it and knew it was wrong.

So perhaps it’s time to review the road rules some of us seem to be having a bit of trouble understanding.

For example: Chucking a Uey at traffic lights.

U-turns at lights are legal if there is a sign saying U-turns are permitted.

This may be confusing because sometimes there is a sign saying U-turns are not permitted.

But what do you do when there is no sign at all?

Does it mean you get to choose? No it doesn’t.

Or here’s an idea.

Instead of police just chasing after lucrative speeding tickets, how about they start going after tailgaters, serial lane changers, merge morons and indicator-phobics?