Road safety campaign for young drivers reaches almost 4 million people

A SOCIAL media campaign encouraging young drivers to look up and put their phones away has reached nearly four million people thanks to the Queensland Government’s latest road safety strategy.

More than 2.2 million people have viewed the “Chin up, phone down” safety videos on social media, including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Watch them below.

Speaking during Road Safety Week, Acting Main Roads and Road Safety Minister Steven Miles said he was thrilled the campaign was having a great impact and increasing motorist safety.


“The ‘Chin Up’ campaign was designed by young drivers through the Co-Lab youth road safety challenge and sends a clear message that when you’re focused on your phone your head is somewhere else,” Mr Miles said.

“We were confident this campaign would resonate with the target audience and these results show the campaign’s great success.

“It goes to show that when ideas are developed by the target audience, they can create an effective campaign to deliver a compelling road safety message.”

Mr Miles said despite research showing mobile phone use while driving could be as risky as drink driving, more than three quarters of Queenslanders admitted to having used their phones illegally behind the driver’s seat.

The ‘Chin Up’ campaign has now finished running online and a post-campaign evaluation will be undertaken to test the campaign’s impact on behaviour and attitudes to mobile phone use while driving.

“We really hope this campaign will continue to encourage awareness about the dangers of driver distraction and the need to focus on the road at all times, increasing safety for all road users,” Mr Miles said.

“The Co-Lab Youth Road Safety challenge was one of several initiatives announced by the Palaszczuk Government following the Safer Roads, Safer Queensland forum held in April 2015.