Robert Irwin snaps adorable photos of Australia Zoo’s brand new baby rhino!

Australia Zoo has welcomed a new member to their ever-growing animal family… a gorgeous female southern white rhino baby!

The newest arrival, which has been named Carrie, entered the world on Tuesday December 4 at 4.40am.

Robert Irwin was able to get up close with Carrie just hours after her birth and managed to snap some incredible images, which he has now shared with us.


“It was such a privilege to photograph this beautiful baby and her relationship with her mum, Inyeti,” Robert said.

“You can really see the connection they already have by just looking at the photos. It’s an experience I won’t forget!”

To find out when you can see her on the African Savannah, keep updated via the Australia Zoo social media pages.

Jahnie Lumsden, Keeper at Australia Zoo said this long awaited birth was very exciting for the whole team.

“We’ve been waiting many months for this baby’s birth and we’re all delighted to learn that she is very happy and healthy and mum is also doing well,” she said.

“When rhinos are first born some good signs would be them trying to walk within an hour and suckling from mum shortly after. She’s staying close by mum and is very cautious and curious, but we’d expect her to gain some confidence in the coming weeks with mum’s guidance.”

PHOTO: Robert Irwin / Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo says Carrie will be an advocate for her wild cousins, who are vulnerable to extinction in the wild.