Robina Town Centre shooter to learn his fate

THE GUNMAN who shot an innocent bystander while attempting to kill a rival bikie at Robina Town Centre will be sentenced on Monday.

Mark James Graham was found guilty of opening fire on then-Bandidos member Jacques Teamo in late September.

One of Graham’s two bullets hit bystander Kathy Devitt in the buttock during the April 2012 shooting.


The 28-year-old Mongols bikie’s lawyer argued he acted in self-defence because Teamo pulled a knife on him, but Crown Prosecutor Michael Byrne QC said his actions went far further than just self-defence.

Graham was convicted of attempted murder and unlawful wounding.

He was due to face sentencing back on October 1 but the hearing was delayed after it was revealed Graham had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder during his time behind bars.