Gold Coast Suns Metricon Stadium

“Rocket” hoping for a ray of sunshine from the umps against the Cats

Suns Coach Rodney Eade is hoping for a change of fortune with umpiring decisions, when the Gold Coast hosts Geelong tomorrow.

Eade called the umpire’s department to seek clarification on calls made in the 13-point loss to North Melbourne last week including a push in the back against Sean Lemmens and a throw called against Brandon Matera.

“The umpires agreed the two free-kicks the media brought up in the press conference weren’t warranted and should not have been paid,” Eade said.


“However, it’s no good moaning about decisions … they are what they are.

“But hopefully, there’s swings and roundabouts and you get a few the other way.”

Meantime the AFL’s defended changes to the deliberate out of bounds and third man up rules, saying they’re working well.

Both were discussed at length yesterday during the league’s Laws of the Game committee meeting.

AFL Football Operations boss Simon Lethlean said he thinks there’s been an overall improvement to the style of the game.