Rolf Harris could be released next month

Rolf Harris will be released from prison in as little as six weeks’ time, according to reports.

He’s “desperate to get out”, a source said of the disgraced entertainer, even though he’s only served less than half of his sentence.

Why is the 87-year-old convicted child abuser getting a reprieve from his (already too short) jail sentence? Because his wife is sick.


Alwen, a woman who has somehow stood by Rolf despite countless people coming forward and sharing details of abuse at her husband’s hands, is 85 years old and is apparently in failing health.

I feel for her, and I don’t mean to be unkind or insensitive towards the Harris family.

That said – he is a scumbag. A convicted criminal. And regardless of what is going on in his personal life, he should be obliged to spend every last second of his sentence imprisoned, locked up, behind bars, reminded every single day that his actions have consequences.

One of the biggest issues with sex offenders is that they don’t view what they’re doing as a crime.

I’m sure they know they’re doing the wrong thing. They know it’s immoral and dastardly and they’re possibly even aware that what they’re doing is illegal, but sex abusers don’t generally recognise the criminal element.

The reality is: it’s downright evil to strip another person of their innocence and betray their trust by abusing them. It’s a criminal act.

Sex offenders deserve to be caught, and castrated, and shipped off to live in isolation until they’ve come to terms with their unspeakable crime.

Instead, they’re processed through the court system and given ridiculously short prison sentences.

Rolf was only sentenced to five years and nine months in prison to begin with – for multiple crimes, let’s not forget – and now there’s a chance he’ll get out early.

He faces another crown court trial over further sex offences on May 15 and if found guilty, he faces extra jail time.

Let’s hope he gets everything he deserves in court, shall we?