“Rotten rip off”: Qld leaders demand more from federal budget

The Queensland Premier is demanding the Sunshine State gets its fair share when the federal government hands down its budget tonight.

Roads and rail funding announcements were made yesterday, in which Queensland will receive about $1.6 billion, compared to $3 billion going to NSW and Victoria, and South Australia getting $2.6 billion.

Annastacia Palaszczuk says so far, it’s doesn’t stack up.


“What we’re hearing out of Canberra, is that there’s more money going to New South Wales and more money going to Victoria.

“And once again, Queensland is missing out.

“It’s about time that Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg give Queensland our fair share.

“Whether that’s in relation to health, education, roads and infrastructure. Queensland’s a very, very big state.

“And frankly it doesn’t cut the mustard to see other states getting more than Queensland,” the Premier said late yesterday.

The Treasurer is right there backing her up, calling the announcements made so far a “rotten rip off”.

Cameron Dick says that considering the huge migration into Queensland over the last year, we simply need to be getting more.

“Interstate net migration for Queensland was 30,000, interstate net migration for South Australia grew by 98, not 98,000, 98.

“Why don’t we get $3 million? If every other state gets that when their population is going down, why don’t we get that if our population is going up?” Mr Dick said.

The federal budget will be handed down tonight.


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You guys promised the world at election time, now not one of these has been delivered.
Why would the federal government give you more to waste.
Hang on you just gave MPs a raise in their salaries whilst hospital and ambulance wait times are of a third world standard.
You simply cannot be trusted to run this State, you better hope Covid is still around at the next election or your out.

Leftists always want more of your hard earned money! 😂🤣😆