Rough conditions for Gold Coast beaches

Beach-goers are being urged to listen to lifeguards and stay between the flags in rough conditions today.

Waves between two and three metres are forecast across parts of the Coast and with temperatures soaring, thousands are expected to flock to the sand.

Chief Lifeguard Warren Young said a wind warning has been issued for local waters and large swells are on the way.


“Unfortunately, the combination of really hot weather and dangerous conditions is a bad one for us,” said Lifeguard Young.

He said there were some dramatic rescues yesterday as the tide started to run out.

“People were dragged under white water really close to shore, it was quite dangerous, and those conditions will probably prevail once again today.”

The high tide will hit just before lunch time, but all eyes will be on the out-going tide this afternoon.

“We just ask people to err on the side of caution and listen to lifeguards please when they are giving instructions just come straight in, because some beaches may have to be closed during that outgoing tide.”

“It looks like the swell will settle down into tomorrow, but it’ll still be pretty busy this afternoon we feel.”