Royals’ Queensland tour comes to an end

THE Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have wrapped up their whirlwind tour of Brisbane and headed back to Sydney.

On Saturday, the royal couple visited the RAAF base at Amberley, before heading to the Southbank Parklands, where an estimated 10,000 people were waiting.

They met with Queenslanders, chatting, shaking hands, and graciously taking the many gifts passed to them.


Prince George was unable to accompany his parents on the trip, and instead stayed in Sydney with his nanny.

However, his absense didn’t stop proud mothers in the crowd from offering their own young daughters as future wives for the little Prince.

Today, William and Kate will attend an Easter Sunday church service in Sydney, before making a short trip to Taronga Zoo.

They’ll fly to Canberra tomorrow for a day off in their 10-day visit to Australia.

The royal tour comes 30 years after William visited the country with Prince Charles and Diana when he was Prince George’s age.