Royals reveal new family photos ahead of Christmas

With just ten days until Christmas, Prince Charles’ extended family has released the images each will use for their Christmas cards this year.

The series of three photographs are never-before-seen snapshots of the royals, taken during the year.

Prince Harry and Meghan have chosen a black and white image from their wedding reception back in May.


The couple have their back to the camera as they watch fireworks explode overhead.

While his brother, Prince William, has chosen a family portrait capturing a lighthearted moment with wife Catherine and their three children in a nature setting.

Prince George is seen hamming it up for the camera as he balances on a tree branch, and Princess Charlotte appears a little shy as they both hug their dad.

And, we get to see how quickly baby Prince Louis is growing – more adorable by the day – as he’s held by his mother.

Prince Charles and wife Camilla have gone for a more traditional style: they’re captured sitting side-by-side on a garden seat, looking at one another.