RSCPA shocked by animal treatment this summer

With expected high temperatures over the weekend, we’re being urged to pay close attention to our furry best friends.

Already this year RSCPA has been swamped with reports of animals suffering heat stress or being left in high-risk situations.

The animal protection agency has received 183 calls related to creatures left in cars and 584 calls about animals being left with insufficient water.


RSPCA’s Michael Beatty said there’s no excuse for not being aware of the dangers of the heat.

“If it’s thirty degrees outside, the temperature inside a car can potentially rise to well over forty degrees in less than five minutes,” he said.

“This weekend and early next week we’re looking at temperatures close to 40 degrees.”

Animals aren’t just in danger when they’re trapped in a vehicle, pet owners are being told to look after their own backyard as well.

In extreme cases, dogs have died after not being able to reach shade or water.

Mr Beatty recommends not restricting your pet.

“It’s far better to make the yard or courtyard secure and then it won’t be necessary to tether the dog in the first place,” he said.

“We would also recommend that there are at least two to three containers of water in case one gets knocked over.”


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