Shocking video emerges of man violently kicking dog at Gold Coast beach

SHOCKING footage has emerged online of a man violently kicking a dog, allegedly after punching it in the head, at a popular beach on the Gold Coast.

The RSPCA confirmed on Monday afternoon that it had assigned inspectors to investigate the incident, which allegedly unfolded on the side of the Gold Coast Highway at Palm Beach.

Video of the incident shows a shirtless man in black shorts and thongs getting a dog, believed to be a blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier, off the back of his Holden Commodore ute and kicking it, before violently yanking on its lead.


(Source: Facebook)

A mother standing in a nearby carpark started filming the incident on her phone after watching in disbelief as the man allegedly got out of his ute and punched the dog in the head. See the video here.

The woman, who myGC has chosen not to identify here, said the man “closed fist punched” the “poor blue staffy” in the head while yelling at the dog to “settle down” before “kicking it and dragging it around by its lead”.

“The poor dog was just super excited about being at the beach,” the woman said. “…[the dog] clearly had no training plus the guy had no control of the dog.”

(Source: Facebook)

The mother said she had to stop herself from stepping in and saying something to man because she had her baby daughter with her and “the guy seemed pretty aggressive”.

“My blood was boiling,” she said. “I made it very clear to him when he noticed me I was filming him in disgust.”

Instead, she took a photo of the man’s ute and number plate and reported the incident before posting the cringe-worthy vision to Facebook from where it has since gone viral.

(Source: Facebook)

A woman, believed to be the man’s partner, is also seen in the footage tending to another dog on the back of the ute at the time and stands with her back turned, seemingly unaware of the man’s actions.

The RSPCA said it was investigating the incident late on Monday afternoon and thanked the public for their concern.

“This has been reported from a first party source and our Inspectors are currently investigating the matter further,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

“We appreciate the concern many people have shown.”

The RSPCA said it was too early in their investigation to discuss potential charges.

(Source: Facebook)

The footage has sparked outrage online where, at the time of writing, it had been viewed more than half a million times across multiple platforms and garnered thousands of comments from infuriated animal lovers.

“This man is a disgrace!!!,” one person wrote on Facebook. “The poor dog was only trying to get off the hot road. This man needs to be charged and be told he can NEVER own any pet ever again!!!!”

I cannot put into words how angry this makes me!,” another said. “Please just let the poor dog be taken from him and given to someone that respects and loves animals.”

See the video here.

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Typical “Chevy” driver. Scum of the earth.

Yeah, has to have the big macho car to make himself look like a tough guy. When really, all he is is a coward with a small appendage.

With ourvpathetic weak laws on Australia he will likely get a slap on the wrist.
I have seen animals abused neglected killed and still the perpetrators are lucky to get a warning.
The new law that was passed 2015 of upto 7 yrs imprisonment I am yet to see imprisionment for these disgusting crimes.

Someone like that only owns a dog to control and abuse.I would say I feel sorry for his wife,or gf,but she sees him abusing the dog :/ wait til he has the dog cowered down and focuses on her 😀

Pathetically insecure man desperately tries to get a tough looking dog to obey and submit because thats what makes him feel more like a man and less like the angry frightened little boy child he really is.

I am absolutely appalled & disgusted by this man’s treatment of the staffordshire. I’d like to know the outcome of this story & know that real justice has been delivered. As an animal owner & staffordshire owner, i think this ‘specimen of a man’ should not be allowed to own an animal let alone a dog of this breed. And to think he’s someone’s son, brother, mate, co-worker…. a fine example of a human …SO NOT!! I hope he get’s the full force of the law dished out to him. But then I wonder if there is hope for this fellow, makes me wonder what other despicable things he is capable of. And yet probably people that know him have more than likely said “oh what a great guy he is” or “you couldn’t meet a nicer guy” Well now here is the proof of just what type of person he is!!

All dog owners who mistreat or abuse an animal will be found & charged with animal cruelty. The FBI has it as. felony one crime, that means “Prison” mandatory.

This didn’t happen in the United States so fbi not relevant, sadly.

Not in the real world are you kidding me…Go to the South… Especially….but everywhere it happens and they get away with it…So disgusted..p***ed off & heartbroken..?

Full of steroids and ignorance. Needs to be smacked around a bit to teach him a lesson. And what is up with the stupid female? She should be charged with something too. At the very very least, both of them should be banned from owning any animals. COWARDS!!

Nothing but an POS animal abuser needs to dominate over others to justify his pathetic existence –
Exactly why punishments should be increased and those found guilty should be added to a national abuse registry for we know that those who abuse animal often escalate to harming others

Have these dogs been taken away from this abusive asswipe n his oblivious gf? Worried about their safety. This guy is a loose cannon and shouldn’t b allowed to own animals ever.

The RSPCA said it was too early in their investigation to discuss potential charges!!!! What???? A disgusting monster hurting dog like that cought on video and its to early to discuas charges?????? The dog can be beaten every day at home and dead by the time RSPCA thinks is time to apply charges!

They have nothing to investigate.. FIRST… REMOVE THIS INNOCENT ANIMAL…Then Throw his low life b*** in jail, and fine him big time…. Maximum jail time.. Please get this baby to safety. NOW>>..