RSPCA Qld seizes 37 animals from ‘rescue’ group

The RSPCA Qld has seized a massive amount of mistreated animals from a property north of Brisbane.

After months of investigation, the RSPCA Inspectorate executed a warrant at the Storybook Farm Sacred Animal Garden Rescue – a former Gold Coast rescue charity.

Concerns were held about numerous animals, many of which were disabled and being kept at the location.


Yesterday (March 20), Inspectors descended on the property and seized 37 animals.

When they got to the property, Inspectors reported immediately noticing the terrible conditions in which the animals were kept.

The conditions did not, in any way, resemble the conditions portrayed by the rescue group on their social media page.

In one particular instance, a Dalmatian name Barry was posted on Storybook Farm’s Facebook page looking clean and cute and wearing a donated jumper just a day before the seizure.

When inspectors found Barry, it was immediately apparent the photo could not have been more of a lie.

Here is what the RSPCA Qld’s Facebook post says about how they actually found Barry.

“The flesh on Barry’s back legs had worn through almost to exposed bone, the skin on his testicles had worn bare exposing raw flesh, and he had other wounds on his rear end also associated with dragging and immobility in his rear end. These wounds were being constantly soaked in urine as Barry had no control of his bladder. The ulceration of the wounds and urine scalding was severe.

Veterinarians were of the belief that Barry was experiencing significant pain and had been experiencing this pain every second of every day. His quality of life, prognosis, and an inability to keep him alive comfortably, meant that vets had no option but to humanely euthanase him. Experienced staff were reduced to tears,” the Facebook post reads.

Barry was just one of 37 animals seized yesterday.

The RSPCA is working tirelessly to assess and treat the animals.

For the full story, click here (warning – some graphic images).

PHOTO | Sourced RSPCA Qld Facebook

PHOTO | Sourced RSPCA Qld Facebook

PHOTO | Sourced RSPCA Qld Facebook

PHOTO | Sourced RSPCA Qld Facebook

PHOTO | Sourced RSPCA Qld Facebook