Rugby star under fire for uploading horrific photos

Star athlete Sonny Bill Williams has created an online stir by tweeting graphic images of dead children following his visit to Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon.

The high-profile All Black has been travelling throughout the area as a Unicef ambassador, visiting children and families devastated by war.

The photos depict two children lying dead with horrific injuries.


“What did these children do to deserve this?” Williams posted.

“This summer share a thought for the innocent lives lost everyday in war.”

The images have arguably achieved their purpose by causing heated debate between Williams’ followers.

“Although I sympathise w ur reasons for posting this, it’s not wise. It can be a trigger for some pple. Also young followers,” one follower posted.

However some followers were supportive of the athlete.

“It is a ferocious reality. Good on him for sharing. People can un-follow,” a follower uploaded.

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He has a right to post something that affects him personally and the fact that he is out there making a difference and raising awareness means that people need to assess wether or not they are armchair critics or not. I do agree about the young followers however it is a parents responsibility to regulate what there young children can and can’t see on the net.