Rural Fire Service warn GC is at high risk of fires

With rising temperatures, strong winds and low humidity forecast for the next few days, the fire rating is expected to jump from very high to severe on the Gold Coast.

Rural Fire Service Superintendent Alan Gillespie said it’s strange to have these conditions at this time of year.

“Tomorrow (Thursday) will be the critical day for us, as we move into a severe chance of fires,” he told MyGC.


“That is extremely unusual for this time of year, in fact, it’s a one in 20 year event, we’re preparing for what could be a very difficult couple of days for firefighters.

“The conditions tomorrow won’t be particularly hot, but we will have very strong, very dry westerly winds and our relative humidity will be extremely low.

“Under those conditions the temperature won’t be an issue, it’ll be the dry winds that actually drive the fire and the relative humidity that makes it very, very dry.”

All locations across the Gold Coast should be on high alert and Supt. Gillespie stressed everyone should have a bush fire survival plan in place.

One important aspect of this plan, is dealing with pets.

“In preparation of the weather, people can start to clean up around their property and make sure their pets are well cared for,” he said.

“If you live in rural areas and you have donkeys, horses and llamas you need to have a plan in place of how to best deal with your animals in an emergency.”