Russia launches airstrikes in Syria

RUSSIA has conducted its first airstrikes in Syria just hours after President Vladimir Putin won permission from parliament to carry out the attacks.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, warplanes targeted eight ISIS positions, including arms, transportation, communications and control positions.

It’s Moscow’s first engagement in a distant theatre of war since the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.


“The Federation Council unanimously supported the president’s request,” the Kremlin’s chief of staff, Sergei Ivanov, said in televised remarks after the upper house approved Putin’s request to deploy troops abroad.

“We are talking about Syria,” he said, adding that the decision to launch air strikes was taken after the Syrian president asked Russia for military support.

The United States Defense Secretary Ash Carter has expressed concerns about the attacks, claiming it’s unclear about what the true intentions behind the move may be.

“I want to be careful about confirming information, but it does appear that they (Russian airstrikes) were in areas where there probably were not ISIL forces,” he told reporters. ISIL is another acronym for ISIS.

“The result of this kind of action will inevitably, simply be to inflame the civil war in Syria,” Carter said.