Russian hackers uncover medical records of Australian athletes

Rio Olympic rowing champion Kim Brennan is one of three Australian athletes named by a Russian cyber espionage group.

Hackers The Fancy Bears have leaked confidential medical data of Brennan, cyclist Jack Bobridge and rower Alexander Belonogoff.

The group stole the information from WADA’S data storage system relating to therapeutic use exemptions.


The group has strong links to the Russian secret service that leads all the way to the Russian presidency, US cyber security experts have revealed according to the ABC.

According to Crowdstrike, if it is the same Fancy Bears they have been monitoring for almost a decade, then WADA is dealing with an organisation that has previously hacked the Democratic National Committee in the US.

While investigating the DNC breach in the US they found Fancy Bears had links to another group called Cozy Bears.

Cozy Bears last year infiltrated the White House, the US joint chiefs of staff and the State Department.