Russia’s Vice-Consul involved in fatal shooting in Rio

A Russian diplomat has been involved in a fatal shooting in Rio De Janeiro.

Local police confirmed a local thief had been shot dead after he attempted to rob Russia’s Vice-Consul armed with a gun.

According to Nine News Journalist Tom Steinfort, Russia’s Vice-Consul, 60, knew jiu-jitsu and tackled the robber to the ground, shooting him dead.


“A Russian diplomat, the country’s Vice-Consul, was in a car when a robber has tried to carry out a theft there. He has broken out into a fight – the Russian consul happened to know jiu-jitsu and wrestled the gun off the robber, turned it on the robber and shot him dead,” Steinfort said.

The fatal shooting took place on Thursday morning local time on the Avenida das Americas in Barra da Tijuca, not far from the athletes village.