Sad farewell for mother and son house fire victims

The mother and son who died in a house fire at Beenleigh north of the Gold Coast over a week ago, will be laid to rest on Wednesday.

Three-year-old Baileigh Cartledge died in their unit while his mother Crystal lost her battle days later in hospital.

Logan Mayor Pam Parker spoke to Channel Nine and said those left behind to pick up the pieces are doing the best they can and “just praying the family has the strength and the resilience to withstand the pain and the loss that they’re going through at the moment”.


She had one clear message for the community “please make sure you have an operational photoelectric smoke detector in your home and make sure it’s operational, they do save lives”.

This Sunday she said Gould Adams Park will host the Big Safe Day Out between 9:00am and 3:00pm.  The Queensland Fire Service, Police and State Emergency Service will all be there.

Louie Naumovski from the Logan House Fire support network said a public memorial will be held this morning, ahead of a private funeral.

He said “sadly little four-year-old Adam he’s still in hospital and he’s got severe brain damage and you know there’s going to be ongoing medical costs involved so if people wish to donate money towards the medical expenses we encourage them to go to our website”.

Click here if you would like to help.