Safe AND less congested M1? Yes Please!!!

Want to guarantee less congestion AND safer roads during the GC18?

Particularly on the M1, which can feel like driving through the Gaza Strip at the best of times, before anyone adds the estimated six million (that’s million with an M!) additional car trips during the Games.

It can be done, but some people will not like it.


Instead of trying to change the flow of a raging river mid-stream, why not simply remove some of the water from the system altogether.

Instead of all these rule changes, additional police presence and punishments let’s preemptively remove the major problem causing all the issues in the first place.

Put simply, let’s take all the bad drivers off the road, temporarily of course.

Imagine if, leading up to the Games, a virus broke out and everyone on the Gold Coast had to be inoculated.

You’d go to a doctor whether you were sick or not, right?

Of course you would.

Either way, you’d get tested and if found to have the virus, you’d just have to rest up for a few weeks and take some medicine.

No big deal right?

Well now imagine that that virus was bad driving, and instead of going to the doctors, you had to go to one (perhaps more than one) mandatory hour-long practical driving assessment.

Then imagine that if you were found to not be up to par, you’d have your license suspended for six months from December until May 2018.

Learner Drivers, Provisional Drivers, elderly drivers, timid or infrequent drivers, overseas drivers – these groups of motorists are most at risk of causing and/or being part of what could be a frightening Road toll between Xmas 2017 and the 2018 Games.

Aussie interstate visitors or International visitors that have not bothered to get pre-checked, can get a local friend to drive them or get public transport.

And if you think you can drive, but the assessor says you can’t, well guess what bad luck, it’s the bus (and some post-Games driving lessons) for you sonny Jim.

Assessors would look for confidence and capability in merging on and off freeways, maintaining traffic flow, general awareness and skill etc, and this test would be mandatory.

Let’s stop kidding ourselves as to why the M1 is such a death trap each and every day – there are myriad motorists behind the wheels of cars who are just not cutting the mustard.

And yes, I am talking about you fools who tailgate as well – it is safe, sensible driving at speed so whether you need to learn to slow down or learn to speed up, we all need to recognise the need for a shared competency level.

Because that is the ONLY way to ensure our roads are as safe as they can be when the storm hits.