Safety advice issued ahead of Halloween

If you or your kids are hitting the streets today for ‘trick or treating’, emergency services have a few warnings for both parents and children.

Parents are being advised to chat with their children about stranger danger this Halloween.

The Child Safety Foundation says trick or treaters need to be made aware of unsafe situations and should be focused on always staying in sight – on the street.


Never go inside someone’s house, or in their car, and if you’re waiting for a treat, wait out the front on the verandah or the street.

Similarly, Paramedic Kent Jackson from the Queensland Ambulance Service has a few warnings to make sure the night is as safe as possible.

“Check anything that’s been handed out to your kids, and throw out anything without a wrapper.

“Never enter anyone’s home even if you’re invited.

“Stick to well lit streets and keep an eye out for local traffic.

“If you’re out driving, be aware that there might be more pedestrian traffic than usual so please drive to the conditions.

“Kids dressed in costumes can get a little too excited and might become unpredictable.

“Young children should be accompanied by a responsible and trusted adult, and for kids that are older, make sure you tell an adult where you’re going and what time you’ll be home,” Mr Jackson said.