Safety in the great outdoors a priority this Easter

HOLIDAY makers are being encouraged to plan ahead and adopt a ‘safety first’ attitude when heading into the great outdoors this Easter break.

Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services, Jack Dempsey said Queenslanders need to be prepared when embarking on camping and bushwalking adventures.

“Campers must be aware of the rules and regulations around lighting campfires and parents should educate their children about being responsible around fire,” Mr Dempsey said.


“If you are lighting a campfire, make sure it is in a cleared area, away from your sleeping area, where there are no overhanging branches and minimal grass and scrub.

“It is essential that campfires are contained and watched at all times and they must always be extinguished with water. Fires put out with sand or dirt retain a lot of heat and can cause significant injuries if uncovered or accidentally stood on.”

Mr Dempsey also encouraged outdoor enthusiasts to plan ahead for any bushwalking adventures.

“Bushwalking is a great family activity while on holidays, but in the rush and excitement of heading out, safety preparations are often overlooked and compromised,” he said.

“Let people know where you plan to trek to and the approximate time you will return by, make sure you’re wearing suitable footwear and pack additional clothing in case the weather changes.

“Items such as a first aid kit, thermal blanket, appropriate sleeping equipment, ample water and navigational devices are important for longer journeys.

“Having a GPS, map and compass or purchasing an Emergency Position Indicating Response Beacon (EPIRB) is also a good idea.”

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) Commissioner Lee Johnson said it was important for campers and bushwalkers to know their holiday address or location.

“It is important people know their holiday address, beach access or GPS coordinates should they require emergency assistance,” Mr Johnson said.

“Minutes can be cut off response times by knowing your exact location and in some circumstances, could be the difference between life and death.”