Safety Investigator reveals faults of the Thunder River Rapids Ride

Queensland Workplace Health and Safety’s Principal Investigator has told the Coronial Inquiry into the Thunder River Rapids Ride tragedy that he had no confidence people would survive if they fell into the water.

Mr Stewart spent 10 days inspecting the ride after Cindy Low, Roozi Araghi, Kate Goodchild and Luke Dorsett were killed in October 2016.

Safety procedures have come under the microscope during the investigation and Mr Stewart told the court at the time of the incident the ride was poorly maintained and understaffed.


The inquiry had previously heard operators were unable to control the ride safely due to the high number of tasks they had to manage.

Mr Stewart said he could have written dozens of improvement notices for the Thunder River Rapids Ride if it had continued to operate after the tragedy.

One of these was the recommendation that there should have been automatic controls in place to stop the ride in the event of an emergency.