Sally Fitzgibbons slips in her race for a maiden World Title

Sally Fitzgibbons will have her fingers crossed, hoping the results fall in her favour after a shock elimination from the Maui Pro.

The Aussie surfer is chasing her first world title, but this looks unlikely after losing to Brisa Hennessy in the second round of the competition.

It’s a tough turn of events for Fitzgibbon who’s been a three-time world championship runner-up.


Fitzgibbons, while still leading the world title race, is in tight competition with Tyler Wright, Courtney Conlogue and Stephanie Gilmore.

Gold Coaster Stephanie Gilmore could take out her 7th World Title if she manages to win the Maui Pro.

Tyler Wright will earn the title if she finishes fifth or better, while Courtney Conlogue will claim her first world title if she reaches the semi-finals.