Sally Pearson opens up about Rio at the AWL

Olympic hurdler Sally Pearson has opened up about her preparations for the upcoming Rio Games.

Sally took some time out from her busy schedule on Wednesday night to visit the Animal Welfare League, which she is an Ambassador for.  She spent some time getting up close and personal with the inhabitants of the newly renovated cattery, which was officially opened on the same night.

Sally got very friendly with a ginger cat named Corbin at the AWL, saying she grew up with ginger cats, but now owns two Golden Retrievers Oscar and Toby.  She said there was room in her life for another pet but not before she goes to Rio.  Sorry Corbin you might have to wait until she gets back to Australia.


Sally Pearson cosying up to Corbin the cat: Image: Michelle Price / my gc

Sally Pearson cosying up to Corbin the cat: Image: Michelle Price / my gc

She admitted being around animals helps her relax and allows her to put things into perspective.  Sally said a foster dog she had called Rosie now has a new home and even wishes her well at her various competitions via Facebook.  Her aim is to also to foster more dogs when she returns from Rio.

Speaking about her much talked about wrist injury, suffered during a Diamond League race in Rome, she said it’s feeling better than expected.  After the accident Sally flew home to Australia and underwent surgery and lengthy rehabilitation.

Fast forward to now and Sally said “I know how to be a competitor, I thrive on the excitement and the adrenalin”.

“I think with the experience I have now over the years, I know how to switch it on and switch it offf when it’s needed.

“I think in previous years I didn’t have that experience and so being intense and sort of on all the time is very draining and so now I know how to switch it on and off when it matters, which for me is the 17th of August” she said.  That’s when the final of the 100m hurdles will be held.

Sally will soon head to Europe to compete at three Diamond League meets and two smaller meets to get more race time under her belt before the main event.  Her first event will be a Diamond League meet in Birmingham on June 5.

The last time she competed was when she injured her wrist in Rome less than a year ago.

She said she is looking forward to getting her legs going again “for me just being on the track, competing and getting over ten barriers safely, crossing the finish line with a smile on my face is the most important thing”.

She finished, “the more and more I do that, by the time I get to the Olympics I’ll be in great shape”.

Always one to look on the bright side, Sally said 99 per cent of athletes are or will get injured and that’s just the sport.  She said it’s more about how you come back from it.

Fellow Australian Michelle Jenneke also qualified for the 100m hurdles at the Rio Games.  Sally said she thinks she has the potential to at least make the semi final, “it would be great to see her in the final as well but it is a whole other level and the girls are running incredibly fast at the moment so it’s just a matter of whether you can step up half a second”.