Salt lamp warning after pet’s near fatal brain swelling

A cat in New Zealand almost lost her life last month, as a result of a salt lamp.

The owner brought her pet Ruby into a clinic in Whanganui after she appeared to be ‘blind and confused’.

Her owner had no idea what had happened, though after a series of tests, it was revealed Ruby had extremely high levels of sodium in her system.


It’s understood the poor pet was suffering brain swelling, and was displaying various other neurological systems.

When questioned about it, the owner recalled the cat liked her salt lamp, though had not linked the two.

“Salt poisoning in dogs and cats is usually accidental, with the most common scenario involving dogs ingesting homemade playdough!

“The neurological signs seen in salt poisoning cases occur due to swelling in the brain that results from disruption in the body’s electrolyte levels,” the vet advises in their Facebook posts.

Luckily, Ruby was returned to her owners last week, after daily monitoring and other supportive therapy measures.

Though a warning to pet owners with salt lamps has gone viral on social media.