Salvos urge Canberra to increase Newstart allowance

People receiving the Newstart allowance are living on just $17 a day after accommodation, a report has revealed.

The Salvation Army’s 2018 Economic and Social Impact Survey revealed the fight for survival for welfare participants.

During the recent Federal Budget, the Turnbull Government failed to increase the Newstart allowance in-line with inflation for the last 24 years.


The Salvation Army’s Major Jeff Winterburn said the current model is “inhumane”

“Most disadvantaged and marginalised people in this country continue to be ignored,” he said.

“It is widely acknowledged it will take a minimum increase of $75 a week just to ensure people can live on the poverty line, let alone above it.”

The organisation believes the inaction from the Federal Government is putting the further stress of charity and support groups across the country.