Sam Wood reveals he should have sent Heather home earlier on The Bachelor

Sam Wood has revealed Heather Maltman was never in for a chance to win The Bachelor.

The hunky reality star told AAP that the reason he kept the popular bachelorette around so long was because he enjoyed having her around.

‘I loved Heather’s company but knowing she was never going to be someone I could ever fall in love with, I knew it would only be harder if she was down to the final two or three,’ he said.


‘Retrospectively, I should have done it (sent her home) a couple of weeks earlier but you are also thinking I have to go on date after date with these girls. I’d like to spend time with girls whose company I thoroughly enjoy.’

Lana Jeavon-Fellow, Snezana Markoski and Sarah Mackay are still in the running to win the bachelor’s heart on the reality matchmaking show, with Sam set to make his final decision on Thursday night.