Samantha Armytage speaks out about alleged feuds with Mel Doyle and Chris Bath

Rumours have been rife for years that Samantha Armytage has been in a bitter feud with both Melissa Doyle and Chris Bath.

However the sunrise co-host has revealed that the gossip simply isn’t true.

Speaking with the Daily Telegraph, the 38-year-old presenter said the talk of bad blood between her and predecessor Melissa Doyle or recently resigned newsreader Chris Bath is inaccurate.


“If people don’t like me, that’s fine. If some people want to tie themselves in knots (gossiping) like that, go for it.”

“Women aren’t always nice to each other in the newsroom. Older women particularly aren’t always nice to younger women,” she said.

However it’s a trap Sam insists she won’t fall victim too.

“I refuse to fall into that trap of women being awful to other women. There’s no reason for it.”