Same-sex marriage bill introduced into parliament

Government back-bencher Warren Entsch has introduced a bill to legalise same-sex marriage in the lower house, despite knowing it is highly unlikely to go to a vote before the next election.

“The main purpose of this bill is not a complex one. It is to give same-sex couples in Australia the same right to marry the person they love as that which is currently only granted by law to heterosexual couples,” he told the chamber.

“This bill is designed to promote an inclusive Australia, not a divided one.


Last week Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, decided during a six hour party-room meeting, the LNP would not change their stance on same-sex marriage, but would remain open to a referendum after the election.

Mr Entsch announced his intention to bring on the private members bill in last week’s party-room meeting.

A clear majority two thirds of government MPs and senators voted to keep the existing position against a conscience vote, effectively ensuring a bill would be defeated if it went to the floor of parliament.

A government-dominated committee controls which bills are brought on for debate and the Prime Minister has previously said it would be “unusual” for that to happen with a private members bill.